Servicing New Zealand, Verity are an independent NZ owned and operated provider of bespoke test and wider lifecycle Management Consulting and Delivery Services. Offering a wraparound service for both traditional, as well as shift left environments, we use a collaborative and empowering approach to deliver efficient and effective solutions.

Verity provides all levels of service solutions ensuring fit for purpose, and value for investment, within the wider development lifecycle. Specialising in outcome based solutions, we prize tech led Evolution and the Value Chain; presenting flexibility and simplicity in all our service offerings based upon specific project, programme and/or organisational needs.

as-a-service engagements, as well as secure managed outcome based service models, ensuring quality outcomes, quality cost efficiency and velocity.

Efficient and Effective

Quality People & Flexible Resourcing

Proactive & Responsive Account Management

Tool Independent


  • Ensure faster software releases with use of tech driven approach, including Smart Cloud
  • Reduce go to market time and save overall project time
  • Shorten test cycles to further shorten the delivery cycle
  • Ensure a lesser number of defects at the product go-live time and protect brand reputation
  • Assures lower maintenance cost
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Break organisational dependencies with “E Shaped” Verity staff – a true hybrid practise approach with a focus on Technical Expertise, Experience, Execution and Exploration.

Our skill capability encompasses development and maintenance of software applications and cyber-physical systems, including Cloud Engineering & Management services.

Verity focuses on full time employees which ensures a flexible and responsive approach to resourcing. We have an almost unrivalled access to a network of 500+ resources across New Zealand – engaging primarily for roles that Verity cannot fulfil through full-time resourcing or skill set; offering scale and responsiveness, without compromising on quality or the Verity service.

Our service encompasses functionality, availability, compatibility, reliability, scalability, performance and security.

Managed Service or Augmentation

Governance, Monitoring & Strategic

Management Consultancy & hands-on delivery

Management & Execution

Process Improvement

Verity’s core service business encompasses:

  • Testing
    (Automation, Performance, Functional, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)
  • Security
  • Data, Business Intelligence, Edge
  • Business Analysis
  • Project & Programme Management
  • Development
  • Scrum & Scaled
  • Training & Coaching

Our staff are available work across a variety of different domains, methodologies, technologies and industries.

  • DevSecOps
  • Agile
  • Traditional
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We started Verity to change the consulting game for organisations. We aim to lead the New Zealand Consulting market – becoming the employer and vendor of choice – employing and engaging a world class team; coupling with smart use of better tools, information and connections in a transparent, flexible, responsive and engaging manner.

Proudly New Zealand independently owned and operated, showcasing individual and organisational talent is incredibly important to us. We won’t compromise on quality and prize the individual.


Work life balance

Love your work


Our People are at the heart of what we do; however, we can’t do it by ourselves. We work closely with our customers, partners and other friends, to push innovation forward – honestly and with integrity; celebrating success along the way!

Quite simply we love our work and our people. We encourage work life balance, including a 4 day week when at Verity. You may find our people engaging in assorted activities from Round the Bays, 5 a-side, Cycle Challenge Taupo through to dining, social and other formal & informal events. We also offer structured career development and training to enable talent to progress and grow – including a commitment to NZICT graduates.

We are committed to keeping it local where practicable – supporting New Zealand industry and the talent that works within. We’re also committed to our legacy and giving back to the wider community – including a commitment to others and the next generation – being strong supporters of education providers, as well as local charities, because we can.

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One of the most complex challenges our industry faces today, and in coming years, is the on-going complexities and sophistications associated with the development and maintenance of software applications and cyber-physical systems and infrastructure – encompassing functionality, availability, compatibility, reliability, scalability, performance and security.

In response to and aiming to be different from larger providers, we prize tech led Evolution. We have a commitment to help organisations Simplify, Improve and Enrich, and being tool independent, we can ensure the right solution.

We’re focused on creating new solutions for complex software development processes within both CI/CD and traditional environments. Creating a ‘Security as Code’ culture & practices with ongoing, flexible collaboration between engineers and security teams.

Cloud Engineering & Management

Digital Transformation




We can ensure the right solution approach designed to be operationally effective, reliable, secure and cost effective. This includes smart use of on-demand, in-a-box and pay-as-you-go Cloud Engineering & Management services.

Volume, Velocity, Variety

Offering a true technical hybrid approach – aligning service offerings to ensure fit for purpose and value for investment. Where possible we look leverage development of wraparound framework assets to effective and efficient solutioning – across assorted technical disciplines – automation, security, performance.

  • Automation
    • RPA, BPA, continuous test automation, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Performance
    • Component/API delivery to system wide end-to-end pre-prod load
  • Security
    • Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
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