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What We Do | Verity Consulting

At Verity, we’ve built a world class team of consultants and associates who individually and collectively bring a wealth of technical expertise, smarts and broad domain experience to the table. Our people wrap around internal teams in both traditional and shift-left environments and work collaboratively to accelerate the delivery of project initiatives, providing efficient and effective solutions that create high-quality outcomes.

Our Testing & Automation team live and breathe quality assurance with capability across functional testing, automated testing, performance and security, whilst our DevSecOps & Engineering team build quality in sooner, shifting-left and adding the technical elements to make pipelines fast, reliable, scalable and secure. Verity's Transformation team accelerates business and digital change through the execution of high-quality agile practices, taking full responsibility for successful delivery.

Our Consulting Skillsets

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Testing - Functional, Automated, Performance, Security

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DevSecOps / Quality Engineering

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Web / Mobile / Application Development

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Solutions Architecture / Technical Design

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Business Analysis, Project Delivery

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Change & Release Management

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Agile - SAFe, Scrum 

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Training & Coaching

How We Can Help

Staff Augmentation

Team/Squad as-a-Service

Technical Advisory

Process Improvement


Management Consulting


Testing & Automation

functional | automated | performance | security

Verity gets Testing & Automation. The roots of our business originate in software testing and our highly accomplished team of multi-skilled consultants have vast experience spanning many years.

We take a collaborative approach to quality assurance with the ability to focus on both traditional and shift-left environments leveraging industry leading methodologies. Our people have broad skills and experience with good coverage across the following capability areas:

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Test Management – we believe that the perceived level of quality in your delivered product is how your customer will judge you. Our Test Managers will be your greatest advocates of quality, with grounding in industry leading methodologies and broad experience. Verity's consultants are the safe pair of hands in which to place the quality outcomes for your organisation.

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Test Engineering – Being able to fit the pieces of the jigsaw together and see the issues is our bread and butter. Our Functional Test Analysts, from juniors to seniors, all have a singular goal of tracking down defects.

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Automated Testing - The essence of test automation is coding to execute regular repeatable tests again and again. Once the regular is taken care of, the irregular can be investigated more thoroughly and that's where the hard defects hide. Our automation consultants are engineers first, comfortable using assorted open-source frameworks or off-the-shelf tools to deliver results.

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Performance & Security - Determining whether your application is protected and running optimally under loads or high volumes can be tricky. Our specialists strive to quickly assess how your application or site complies with the appropriate standards and how to remediate or improve.

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Team Management - if you need help with Practice Leadership, Verity can provide the direction and leadership that your testing team needs ensuring that expectations are met or exceeded. They focus on designing and executing strategies that deliver quality and timely services, develop and improve relationships, build capability and incorporate a future focus.

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Strategic Management Consulting - getting a timely outside view based on years of experience in the industry is invaluable to help your organisation make sound decisions. With the time our Principal Consultants have spent at the coal face, we can observe, probe, and offer sound advice when you need clarity on the path forward.

We prioritize close collaboration with our clients, partners, and other stakeholders to drive successful testing outcomes. This collaborative mindset fosters transparent communication, enabling a deeper understanding of the project goals and requirements.

DevSecOps & Engineering

Reliability | scalability | quality | CI/CD

Because Verity understands our clients’ context-specific software delivery needs that are typically related to people, processes, tools and technology, we consistently deliver fit-for-purpose services and solutions that work.

Whether the requirements are web or application development, quality engineering, DevSecOps or automating to shift-left, Verity has the talent to deliver. Our team of consulting practitioners has technical capability and practical experience spanning:

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Quality Engineering – we build quality in, using test-driven design and static analysis code tooling to identify known software vulnerabilities, frequently integrating to eliminate waste and get faster feedback that we’re on track.

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DevSecOps & Environment Management - providing the glue to make it all work together. For us, it's not simply the technical elements to make CI/CD pipelines fast, reliable, scalable, and secure - we concentrate on high levels of collaboration to aid ownership and accountability.

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Web / Application / Mobile Development – we have a significant talent pool of software development specialists, with a variety of technical tool sets and languages. We have a range of people available covering front-end, full stack and back-end / integration development.

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Automated Tools / Open-Source Software - we're comfortable using open-source frameworks or off-the-shelf tools, supported by critical product analysis, using formal or exploratory testing techniques. From API, integration, end-to-end, and user acceptance testing to usability, security, load, and performance engineering, we are comfortable delivering functional or non-functional services or solutions.

Our experiences from the trenches show that projects that build quality in from the start and have high levels of automation everywhere are easier to deliver, remediate, investigate and observe. And typically, they will also have a much lower FADD (Fear & Anxiety Driven Development) index. 

The FADD index is not scientific but a highly relatable anecdotal index. Typically, project teams who have a shared understanding of the domain and product to be delivered have built quality in, have high levels of automation everywhere and a low FADD index. 

We recognise that the world seldom needs another bespoke or custom open-source test automation framework and understand that client budgets are allocated for building and testing features, not reinventing the wheel.


business | digital | agility | delivery

Verity's Transformation team focuses on delivering value to our clients and adapting to evolving needs to help businesses achieve their strategic goals. We help guide our customers when commencing a business or digital change journey.

Whether it's leading a shift to an agile way of working, or putting together a team of project delivery experts, our consultants provide tailored solutions rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach. 

We prioritise building long term relationships and creating a culture of continuous improvement. Our transformation team have extensive experience across the following capability areas:

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Programme / Project Management – Verity’s Project/Programme Managers and Technical Leads empower organisations to successfully manage critical projects from start to finish. Become a champion with higher project success rates with our Verity PMs.

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Business Analysis / System Analysis- the Verity Business Analyst is an agent of change, identifying and defining the solutions that will maximize the value delivered to its stakeholders.  Our technical BAs have specialised knowledge to act as a guide and lead the business through unmapped territory, to get it to its desired destination.

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Agile Coaching / Scrum Masters – Verity’s SAFe 6 certified Agile Coaches provide your organisation with a solid Agile foundation to help strengthen and continuously improve your processes and practices. Our experienced Scrum Masters promote Agile methodology and build high performing, self-organising teams.

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Change / Release Management – whether you require a Change Manager on a large business or digital change project to help plan, execute and communicate business changes that help drive adoption, or a Release Manager to manage, plan, and control a software update through different stages, we've got you covered.

Verity can provide individual consultants to augment your team or put together a customised squad to help you deliver all your business transformation needs.